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Change the Rules



READ: ACTU Secretary Sally McManus, excerpt from her National Press Club address: 

“Working people sticking together is how we counter-balance the power of big business because there is strength in numbers. Because rules alone will never be enough, we also need to stick together with the people we work with as our living standards have only ever been improved with strong unions and unions are only as strong as their members.


If you want to be part of a movement for change,

If you believe the wealthy should pay their fair share of tax,

If you want a job you can count on,

If you want a pay rise,

If you want the rules to change,

Join your union.

Together we can do what generations of working people have done in the past. Let us all remember that at one time nearly all jobs were insecure. There was no weekend, no equal pay for women, no sick pay, no holiday pay and no minimum wage.

Working people did not accept injustice as “inevitable”. We fought unjust laws. We built our unions and built campaigns to change the rules.

And change the rules we did.

Now it is up to this generation of working people. Other generations have shown us the way. It will not be easy. It was never easy. But I believe in the power of working people. And I believe in the working people of Australia. Time and time again generations of Australian workers have come together, stood up against injustice, inequality and greed. This federal Government – and many in big business – will do everything they can to stop us, to demonise us, they want to make this task as hard as possible.

Because they fear the power of working people banding together.

Because when Australians work together, they are mighty and unbreakable.

Be mighty.

Be unbreakable

Join your union.

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