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Proud to be Public: PSUWA Bargaining 2016

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5 Agreements finalised

Thanks for voting!

December 22: THE results are in and over 96% of Members voted to endorse your new Public Sector Wages Agreement (PSUWA).

Thanks to all those who took the time to have your say in the ballot.

It’s a two-year agreement, which includes:

  • No cuts to existing conditions
  • Significant improvements to Maternity Leave from 12 to 14 weeks, Partner Leave from 1 day to 1 week, 
  • Night Shift Loading from 16% to 22% 
  • 10 days Compassionate Leave;
  • Above CPI increases – 2% for most classifications but up to 2.8% for lower paid employees;
  • Novated leases for all public sector employees;
  • Commitments to address many of the big issues facing the public sector including workforce planning, progression through broad banding, phased-in retirement, arrangements for reclassification, youth recruitment and clarifying the rights of public sector workers as citizens.

You can find a summary of the PSUWA offer here.

Ballots have also been held for Allied Health Professionals, Radiation Therapists, Dental Officers and Correctional Officers and in each case, the offers negotiated have been strongly supported by Members.

In each Agreement, the outcomes were similar to the PSUWA, however, an agreement was reached to deal with occupation specific issues in 2017.

Negotiations are continuing for Ministerial Drivers and Port Arthur staff.

What’s next?

Your CPSU team will lodge the 5 finalised agreements with the Tasmanian Industrial Commission for registration today.

What happens to my pay?

Your pay will take effect from 7 December for HAHSA members and from 14 December for TSSA members.
Given the Christmas break your rise should hit your pocket, with back pay, on 18 January for HAHSA members and 25 January for TSSA.

When we work together, we see change

This is an improved Agreement compared to the one that was announced by Treasurer Gutwein in Parliament and sent to all public sector employees just a few months ago.
This again demonstrates that it’s only when we work together that we see change – that we move the government of the day to show respect for you, services and our communities.

So congratulations, as every meeting you attend, Proud to be Public story you share, photo you appear in, union conversation you have and email you forward strengthens our union and the outcomes we secure for all public sector employees.

In 2017 

This agreement improves your conditions but it won’t resolve many of the challenges facing the public sector.
Challenges around under-funding and unmanageable workloads that erode services and the integrity of our sector.

So in 2017, this will be our focus – together we will strengthen services and our public sector.

 New, improved offer for Member vote

Untitled design (1)

December 2: LATE last week your union team received a second improved offer from the Hodgman Government. In October over 500 CPSU Members took part in meetings across our state and 94% of you voted to reject the government’s ultimatum.

Your action is what forced Hodgman to negotiate and to genuinely bargain … and it’s your action that’s seen an improved package finalised for your vote.

This offer has been considered by our Bargaining Reference Groups, made up of your Workplace Delegates and active Members in Launceston, Burnie and Hobart, and these groups unanimously recommended that Members vote to accept this new offer.


•  No cuts to existing conditions
•  Significant improvements to Maternity Leave from 12 to 14 weeks, Partner Leave from 1 day to 1 week, Night Shift Loading from 16% to 22% and 10 days Compassionate Leave
•  A two year deal that will deliver above CPI increases: 2% for most classifications but up to 2.8% for lower paid employees (Band 2 and below)
•  Novated leases for all public sector employees
•  Payment of Working with Vulnerable People registration where required

What’s next

As a Member-led union the decision to accept or reject the government’s offer is yours. The ballot will open on December 6 and will close on December 20, so check your emails next Tuesday for the ballot invitation so you can have your say.

Members endorse counter-proposal


November 7: CPSU MEMBERS covered by the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement (PSUWA) have voted overwhelmingly to respond to the Hodgman Government’s ‘offer’ with a counter-proposal.

70% of eligible Members voted in the ballot and 94% supported the counter-proposal, putting the government on notice that its employees want real action to address the challenges facing the Tasmanian public sector.
We won’t accept an ultimatum in place of bargaining.

As CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch said:

“This is a very strong message to Premier Hodgman from his public sector workforce and is a circuit breaker that gives him a second chance at bargaining in good faith, so the Premier now has the opportunity to address the issues that make it increasingly difficult for CPSU Members to deliver the quality services the Tasmanian community needs and expects.”

Members voted to accept a 2% salary increase from December 2016, on the basis that the government agrees to continue negotiations for a 3-year agreement that addresses the issues of concern.

Those negotiations must be concluded by March 2017.

“There’s more to an Enterprise Agreement than wage increases and by accepting the 2% offered from December this year our Members are providing the space for discussions that can improve our public sector,” said Tom Lynch.

The counter-proposal will be put to the government at a meeting today, Monday November 7, and any final outcome will be brought to your Bargaining Reference Group for discussion and put to you for your endorsement.

Time to show Hodgman the yellow card?

October 18: WHAT a week – the Treasurer was again ‘negotiating’ the PSUWA agreement through Parliament, the People Matter survey was released and the Auditor General issued a report on the challenges facing the public sector around workforce planning.

The parallels between the Auditor-General’s recommendations and our PSUWA claim are astonishing and these are exactly the issues the Premier is refusing to discuss or negotiate around.

Mr Hodgman’s strategy is clear. He wants to blame your union for any delay in finalising your agreement and force you into accepting an offer that means we can’t address the important issues facing the public sector until after June 2019.

What’s in the Hodgman ‘offer’?

●  2%. 2%. 2%.
●  Again threatening job cuts if ‘offer’ isn’t accepted
●  Dedicated Family Violence Leave
●  No action on career progression, workforce planning, workload, strengthening the independence of the public sector, superannuation or anything else outlined in your claim
●  No action on any of the recommendations from the Auditor General’s report or the People Matter Survey

But our next move will be decided by you, not him.

Your Delegates and Bargaining Reference Group have met to discuss our options for responding to Mr Hodgman’s ultimatum and these will now be discussed by you at over 40 statewide meetings next week and a decision made on which option will be put to a ballot. These meetings will also determine our response to the identical ‘offer’ put to Allied Health Professionals.

Click for meeting schedules:  South  North+NorthWest


Hodgman sticks with ultimatum

October 14: THIS week the Hodgman Government again used Parliament to reissue its ultimatum to public sector workers that unless you accept their offer further jobs will be cut.

The Premier and his Treasurer don’t understand that services are at breaking point and slashing more jobs will just mean Tasmanians will be denied the services they rely upon.

There are many problems facing our public sector but, instead of sitting down with its workforce and finding solutions, this government resorts to threats and bullying.

The Premier wants to make money the only issue of importance in this bargaining round but Members are telling us that addressing workloads, providing career paths and communicating better on change are equally important – accepting the Hodgman ultimatum means none of these issues will be addressed until after the middle of 2019.

Bargaining Reference Groups have met to discuss the options you have in responding to the government’s ultimatum and CPSU Delegates are busy arranging Member meetings across the state during the week beginning Monday October 24.

These meetings are authorised by the State Service Management Office to be held in paid time and will go for about an hour and Members should advise their managers they’ll be attending so coverage arrangements can be made.

Members will get to discuss the options and decide which one will be put to a vote in response to the Government’s take it or leave it ‘offer’ – as soon as we’ve collated all the venues and times we’ll update everyone.



October 7: IT’S BEEN a busy fortnight since Premier Will Hodgman issued his PSUWA wages ultimatum in Parliament after just 2 bargaining meetings.

Our Executive has met, we’ve phoned over 200 Delegates, had dozens of workplace meetings with Members and last week over 70 Delegates met as part of our Bargaining Reference groups in Burnie, Launceston and Hobart.

The focus of all these discussions is to see how people feel about Mr Hodgman’s ultimatum and to identify the options we have to respond.
We know what our Executive thinks and we know what our Delegates think so the next step is to hear your views.

Your Delegates and union team will hold workplace Member meetings across the state for the week beginning October 24 where you get to choose what option should be put to a vote of Members that will decide our response to Hodgman’s ultimatum.

The meetings will take place in paid time, and with HACSU, AEU and United Voice, so keep an eye out for the schedule and come along and have your say.


Meetings complete – what’s the next step?

September 30: WITH Premier Hodgman walking away from the PSUWA, and now the Allied Health Professionals Agreement too, Bargaining Reference Group meetings were held in Burnie, Launceston and Hobart this week so you could decide our response to Premier Hodgman’s ‘offer’ – or, as many have noted, less an offer and more an ultimatum.

Here’s a snapshot of comments we heard about the government’s behaviour:

‘disappointed’… ‘disrespectful’… ‘incompetent’… ‘it’s confusing – not the way you bargain’… 
‘astounded’… ‘but they took 2.3%!’… ‘doesn’t address the real issues for most public sector employees, workloads’… ‘what about everything else…career progression, compassionate leave, super?’…

NEXT STEP: We’re a Member-led union so over coming weeks we’ll be on the phone or visiting your workplaces to talk to you about what our response should be, what your fellow Delegates think, and what we now must do to secure an agreement that respects your important work, delivering the services all Tasmanians rely on.

How we should respond to Hodgman’s ultimatum

September 23: THIS last week Premier Will Hodgman walked away from two sets of public sector negotiations.

The agreement that sets the wages and conditions for the majority of public sector employees (PSUWA) as well as the agreement that covers Allied Health Professionals (AHPs).

This extraordinary step has never been taken by a Government before in Tasmania including:

  • Only two negotiation meetings held for the PSUWA and just one for AHPs;
  • Announcement in Parliament before advising own staff or your union;
  • Refusal to negotiate on the challenges facing our public sector such as career progression & succession planning, workloads, privatisation and the increasing politicisation of our public sector; and
  • Take it or leave it offer with a November 30 deadline.

As delegates of our union we need to decide together what our next steps will be.  To do this we will be holding meetings of our Bargaining Reference Groups across the State next week.

Burnie – Tuesday, September 27
12.30 @ MRT Harris Building 2nd Floor, 47-49 Cattley St, Burnie

Launceston – Tuesday, September 27
12.30 @ CPSU/HACSU Office 91 Paterson St, Launceston

Hobart – Wednesday, September 28
12.30pm @ CPSU 157 Collins St, Hobart

These meetings will be short and sharp so you can attend in your lunch break. Bring your lunch.


Latest on bargaining – Aug 24

Download the flyer below to find out the latest on your Public Sector Agreement negotiations.

PTBP PSUWA16 flyer – aug 22

Bargaining Reference Groups on soon!

Get involved in bargaining for your Agreement – we are still looking for more active Members to join one of our Bargaining Reference Groups.  BRG Members will help prepare our response to the government’s position on the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement. Now more than ever we need to protect your conditions that the Hodgman Government is threatening to axe.   Meetings will run for about one hour.  

Bargaining Reference Groups are meeting in:

Hobart: Tuesday August 23, 12.30pm, CPSU Office  – done and dusted!

Launceston: Tuesday August 30, 12.30pm, Henty House

Burnie: Tuesday September 6, 12.30pm, venue TBA (depending on numbers).

RSVP: please email

Your PSUWA Log of Claims 2016

PSUWA16 Log of Claims

Member Meetings done and dusted!

17 May: AT 24 MEMBER Meetings we’ve received unanimous support for the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement Log of Claims. We’ve held meetings in the North, North-West and South over the past fortnight with Members who help deliver a range of services that Tasmanians rely on. It was great to meet and talk to you about your agreement and answer your questions.

Member Meetings: choose one and head along!

May 9: PSUWA Member Meetings start in early May. Click on the printable PDF flyers below to find meetings that are on near you.

RSVP: email

PSUWA16 Member Meetings – NORTH + NW [april 26] – CPSU LOGO

PSUWA16 Member Meetings – SOUTH [may 6] – CPSU LOGO

Member Meeting FAQs

Not a Member or know someone who’s interested in coming to a meeting, doing the survey or having their say? They can join now or come to a Member Meeting and join on the day.

My manager says I’m not able to attend a Member meeting, what do I do?

Let us know, email approval has been given to attend these meetings in work time, subject to business exigencies and notification to relevant direct manager.

I want to go to a meeting but I’ll be in another region at the time, can I come to another meeting?

It doesn’t matter which meeting you attend – just make sure you come along!

Can I have my say if I can’t get to a meeting? Yes – while we encourage Members to come along to a meeting we know many won’t be able to, particularly those living outside the major centers, so we’ll be giving these Members a chance to ask questions and provide feedback by email or phone from 17 May.

Other Resources

PSUWA16 Phases of Bargaining

PSUWA16 Bargaining FAQ

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