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CPSU TMAG update

TMAG CPSU Members and Delegate brought about positive change for their co-workers recently with the help of their union.

Recently TMAG made changes to their operation and members’ roster on weekends, with hardly any notice given to staff or the CPSU. This meant the huge potential loss of penalty rates for some workers, who were told to do more hours between Monday to Friday.

On behalf of Members, the CPSU met with management, saying they were in breach of the Award because of lack of consultation. The CPSU negotiated that Members’ salaries were maintained until January 11, when more is known about the stage of the museum renovations.

Because some workers had a regular patterns of working hours with penalty rates, these salaries were above the average minimum for some positions, which meant a nice Christmas bonus.

This outcome could only be achieved with CPSU Members and Delegates working with their union.

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