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CPSU to address inquiry

THIS Friday CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch will address the Howe Inquiry looking at the impacts of insecure work on Australian workers, their families and communities.

Tom is scheduled to speak at the hearing from 11.30am, with his talk titled The Tasmanian Economy vs the Workforce and he’s one of a number of speakers at the inquiry, chaired by former deputy Prime Minister Brian Howe.

What’s insecure work? According to the ACTU: Insecure work includes non-permanent forms of employment, such as casual work, fixed-term work, seasonal work, contracting and labour hire. What’s wrong with insecure work? This type of work has a number of indicators including inferior rights, unpredictable working hours, lack of job security, limited or no paid leave.

In Australia, 40% of workers are in what has been described as “non-standard employment”. More than a third of part-time workers have no guaranteed minimum number of hours of work each week. This means there is no guaranteed income Insecure work can mean difficulty when trying to secure a home loan, rental property and other finance.

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