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Govt drags feet on Correctional Officers Agreement

THE industrial agreement covering Tasmanian Correctional Officers expired in June last year and, despite the best efforts of the CPSU negotiating team, the inability of government to genuinely negotiate has hampered progress and its hands-off, dictatorial approach has resulted in unsatisfactory delays and growing frustration amongst officers.

The Minister’s approach to industrial relations since assuming office is disappointing. This week marks the one year anniversary of one of the darkest moments for Correctional Officers when their own Minister showed absolute disregard for their rights and stood them down without pay for wanting to meet to discuss safety concerns.

Correctional Officers work in some of the worst conditions in the state and face daily abuse as well as potential and actual violence, but the CPSU will continue to push to for a more positive approach and, in light of recent developments with the PSUWA, hopes things progress soon.

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