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Increased pay for DoE Library Techs thanks to CPSU

TEACHER aides and Library Technicians reaped the benefits of two years of hard work by the CPSU who argued that Library Technicians or employees doing Library Technician work should be re-classified into a Band that matched their duties. Since the TSSA was introduced in March 2009, the CPSU has worked hard to ensure a number of occupational groups were correctly classified. Library Technicians were one of the roles identified for review, with the union fighting to make sure these workers were paid fairly.

As a result employees were discovered undertaking Library Technician work. Most of these workers were Teacher Aides, with some undertaking the higher paid Library Technician duties for about 20 years. The minimum outcome for these workers was a shift at least one Band higher, and in some cases two Bands. This means a considerable pay increase and back-pay to March 2009 for those affected. Workers already classified as Library Technicians also benefited as they were translated to the correct Band.

Organiser Lyn Saunders said it was a long but worthwhile process. “It’s very satisfying to have it come to a conclusion where we had such a great result for a number of our members,” Lyn said. She described the process as a “mammoth task”.

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