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Leah Cauchi joins the CPSU’s Northern team

LEAH Cauchi grew up with a passion for workers’ rights. She’s the new face in our Launceston office and brings a wealth of experience to the Organising and Campaigning Team. Leah was a Westpac employee for 13 years and as a Delegate for seven years worked on individual workplace issues, campaigns and went to the Industrial Relations Commission over right of entry to the workplace.

She says it was handy having Delegate meetings onsite every fortnight. “I’m a big believer in unions,“ Leah said. “Everyone has a right to work in a safe and fair workplace.” Leah remembers going around as a toddler with her Dad collecting union dues in Launceston. She’s passionate about people’s rights at work and her advice is to stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to do so. “You don’t gain anything by being quiet.”

Leah’s excited about joining the CPSU as union work always interested her. “It was a real step in a direction I wanted to go in.” Leah’s little boy is almost three, and her new role will see her move to full-time work after being part-time for a while. She enjoys running and four-wheel driving and is a cooking fanatic. Members can contact Leah on 0419 536 851 or

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