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Premier Giddings turns her back on TOTE workers

THE Premier has again shown her utter disregard for Tasmanian workers during the recent TOTE sale where she effectively sold workers to the mainland while touting the government is all about jobs, jobs, jobs.

Premier Giddings, actions speak louder than words and most Tasmanians can see through your spin.

First it was thought 80 jobs would be lost, now there are media reports of 130-190 sackings. The lack of clarity around job-loss numbers places unacceptable stress on workers worried sick they won’t be able to provide for their families.

TOTE workers who aren’t Members should join the CPSU now to ensure the best possible chance of being protected.

“Job losses are always regrettable and I am concerned for those people who will lose their jobs through the sale process” the Premier said recently, but if she was truly concerned she’d have negotiated protection for TOTE workers before the sale went through.

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