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Child Protection Delegates at national workshop

THREE CPSU Delegates representing the intake, case management and response areas of Child Protection were chosen to attend a Sydney workshop this week that looks to improve caseload management.

The Delegates are North-West Acting Case Management Team Leader Michelle Sharman, South West Intake Team Leader Georgie Sloan and Burnie Response Child Protection Worker Jenny Grainger.

Georgie said she was excited about the workshop. “Managing caseloads is a really important part of what we do, and it’s what causes the most tension and stress for workers.”

Michelle was interested in talking to workers in other states to find out how they manage caseloads. “I’m looking forward to any kind of strategy to sort out the dilemma we’re in at the moment.” She said caseloads were difficult to manage with the lack of resources, and there was still effectively an unallocated list, it had just moved from assessment to case management.

The workshop, which comes after a CPSU working group was formed late in 2011 to examine all Australian caseload management tools to come up with a best practice tool, will see union Organisers and Delegates from each state and territory meet to share ideas.

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