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Collective approach to invasive species

INVASIVE Species is a new branch within the Resource Management and Conservation Division that sees the Fox Eradication Branch merge with weed management and wild animal management to form the Invasive Species Branch (ISB).

This team will deal with environmental security. The Fox Eradication program will continue within the new branch. Inland Fisheries and Water & Marine Resources continue with their focus on both freshwater pest fish, such as carp and marine pests.

Craig Elliott, formerly the Fox Eradication Branch Manager, is the new ISB manager.

The change should mean a more coordinated response to invasive species, with the ISB to lead the state’s eradication programs, with a focus on terrestrial vertebrate pests and weeds.

Management has briefed staff about the branch, with further information sent to employees in writing.

An implementation committee is coordinating the new structure and decisions about organisational structure, roles and responsibilities will come after extensive staff input and consultation, with a draft plan to guide the implementation process. A branch meeting is at Campbell Town on Wednesday April 4. This is a chance for employees to ask questions and suggest ideas.

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