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Meet CPSU Delegate Julie Moss

DELEGATES are the key link between workplaces and the CPSU office, and Newtown High School’s Julie Moss is a new Delegate who recently spoke about her role in the workplace.

Why did you become a Delegate? “The other lady didn’t want to continue and I offered to replace her as I thought it could be interesting.”

What was the best experience in this role so far? “Delegate training was great as it explained why we have unions and why it’s important to be part of the union movement before something happens. It should also help me with conflict resolution and in situations where people say ‘I don’t want to be part of the union because…'”

Has your new role helped you understand how your workplace operates? “Yes it has and I’ve been more aware of wage concerns. It’s helped me understand the placement of people, when you see job vacancies.”

What advice would you give a new Delegate? “Don’t be frightened to ask questions as the more you ask the more you learn.”

What’s it like for you to be a woman in the workforce? “It’s great. I enjoy working and am glad we have more opportunities within the department and in the workforce and that we’re taken seriously and given positions of authority these days.”

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