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Members endorse responsible wages agreement

PUBLIC sector workers have voted to do their bit to ease the strain on agency budgets with more than 90% of union members supporting a government offer of 2% salary increases per annum for two years, with workers on lower levels reaping a slightly higher outcome with a flat $20/week increase.

“Public sector workers have always behaved responsibly and this Agreement continues that course,” said CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch. “With Treasury forecasting CPI to run higher than 2% this outcome represents a real wage cut over the next few years.”

Tom said workers acceptance of the offer showed they were willing to exercise wage restraint to protect jobs and services, which flies in the face of the TCCI who’ve tried to paint public sector workers as greedy.

In a further effort to protect jobs and services, union members also agreed to support a purchased leave scheme which allows workers to reduce their overall income by taking 10 days leave without pay each year. If take-up is high enough this optional scheme could go towards funding a 0.5% productivity increase.

90% of Members balloted indicated politicians’ salaries should also be capped at 2%, and legislative change should ensure politicians don’t get a catch-up once the cap is lifted. HACSU State Secretary Chris Brown said its members expected the Premier to table legislation in Parliament at the same time as the arrangements were locked in for its workforce.

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