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Politicians’ pay rises

THE CPSU calls on Tasmanian Liberal politicians and the Legislative Council to act responsibly when it comes to pay rises, after calls from these two groups to have politicians’ pay rises referred to a tribunal – effectively a claim for a massive salary increase.

If politician’s pay is referred to a tribunal for determination it’s highly likely there’lll be increases of more than $40,000 per annum to the base rate our politicians receive.

According to CPSU’s Tom Lynch, “The increases flowing through from Canberra were determined by a tribunal so when the Liberals and Legislative Councilors say they want this matter also determined by a tribunal they are really saying they want the 38% increase.”

This comes at a time when the State government is cutting jobs and services and the Tasmanian economy is on a knife-edge – a time when there’s a need for leadership from politicians, not greed.

Premier Giddings has proposed legislation that would break the nexus between Tasmanian politician’s salaries and their Federal counterparts and instead link politician’s wages to a pay point in the main Public Sector Award – this would ensure Tasmanian politicians wouldn’t receive a 38% wage increase in July or a ‘catch up’ increase in the future.

“Public Sector workers accepted the Tasmanian economy could not afford increases beyond 2% despite the vast majority being on lower salaries than our politicians and its time the Liberals and Legislative Councilors did the same,” Mr Lynch said. “If a 2% increase is acceptable for a public servant on $40,000 per year then it should also be acceptable to a politician on $120,000 a year.”

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