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Reasonable, restrained and responsible Allied Health claim

AT WELL attended statewide meetings CPSU and HACSU Members resolved to make a reasonable, restrained and responsible claim in the re-negotiation of the Allied Health Agreement.

Members resolved to put this position forward, with regard to wages:

*recognition of the importance of competitive wages for Tasmanian AHPs; and *wage increases of 2.5% p.a. to be paid in December 2012 and 2013. The claim also included that: *all current matters included in the existing agreement are to be maintained; *advocates for the standardisation of some Personal Leave provisions and policies and the extension of post-graduate qualifications recognition; and *the current Night Shift Allowance should be increased to 25%.

Members at these meetings expressed concern about the accessibility of the Professional Development Fund, as established under the previous agreement, and resolved to work with their unions to find an appropriate industrial avenue to facilitate departments’ adherence to the provisions. If the government chooses not to deal with the issues, unions will pursue action in the Industrial Commission to enforce the agreement provisions.

Soon, CPSU and HACSU will finalise the claim and lodge it with government representatives. Unions are hopeful, in light of the restraint show by members, that a swift and satisfactory resolution can be reached. Allied Health Professionals who aren’t members of the CPSU and HACSU should speak to their colleagues about joining. For members, please speak to those people around you about contributing to better outcomes for Allied Health Professionals by joining their union.

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