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Student receives CPSU Education & Support Award

CERTIFICATE Three in Education & Support student Melinda Horton has received the CPSU sponsored Education & Support Award at the Tasmanian Polytechnic’s Northern Graduation and Award ceremony.

The six months of classwork and a school placement provides the skills to work as a Teacher Aide in primary and high schools and colleges.

Melinda also received the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year award. “I was quite blown away and jumped in my seat when they called my name out!

2011 was a big year for the single-mum as she was living with friends, house hunting, getting two kids to school and trying to get to the Polytechnic on time.

She even moved into emergency accommodation at one point and was expecting to only just pass the course, but Melinda said the support from her teachers and peers was incredible and she graduated and received two awards. “The course was one of the best experiences of my life but, at 28, I thought I’d really struggle.”

Education Support Teacher and Coordinator Maria Blaubaum nominated Melinda for the CPSU award and said she was a driven, dedicated student with a commitment to getting it right when working with children.

“Melinda had real perseverance and, despite a lot of barriers to overcome, she would always give her best, have a smile on her face and just get on with it.”

Along with performing well academically, Melinda did a terrific job on her school placement and hopes to find a full time job as a Teacher’s Assistant.

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