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Worrying move by government agency

RECENTLY the CPSU was notified that a large government agency intends to refer two of our Members onto the State Service Commissioners’ list for central vacancy control.

If this happens it will be the first time a government department has used this list, and it’s bad news for Tasmanian Government employees.

CPSU Members have been working closely with the Education and Support Team (EST) and are in the midst of preparing a response to the agency.

The EST is working hard to keep both members off the Central List altogether, and the CPSU believes the agency hasn’t worked hard enough to find these employees a suitable job within the department.

Whether the State Service Commissioner will accept the two Members onto the list isn’t certain.

Employees can only stay on this list for a maximum of six months and then they’re then forced to take a redundancy if no appropriate job is found.

If Members do go onto the list it will be a bleak day for Tasmanian public sector workers, with the government able to use another weapon in its armoury to continue to cut jobs.

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