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Child protection crisis

TODAY unions slammed the State Government for under‐resourcing Tasmania’s Child Protection system. A lack of professional and support staff means workers’ ability to carry out core duties related to the care of at-risk young Tasmanians and support for their families is severely compromised.

Child Protection in the state is at crisis point, with excessive unaddressed cases now sitting on the caseloads of Child Protection Workers and Team Leaders – an unallocated list by another name.

As well as unmanageable cases, workers are under even more pressure due to staff shortages with unfilled Child Protection Worker positions and insufficient administrative and support workers, which means Child Protections Workers are having to put their primary duties aside to do additional tasks outside their Statement of Duties.

This means young Tasmanians are at risk.

In response to this untenable situation, CPSU and HACSU Members unanimously voted to endorse industrial action to force the State Government to take child protection seriously.

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