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Make your workplace safer – elect an ESR

IF YOUR workplace doesn’t have an Employees’ Safety Representative (ESR) it’s time for an ESR nomination.

Workplace Standards Tasmania describes an ESR as an employee elected to represent the health and safety interests of co-workers. An ESR also eEncourages safe working practices and advises their employer of health and safety hazards.

Having someone in this role means a safer workplace and the CPSU encourages Delegates and Members to consider electing an ESR.

Workers elect ESRs as the go-to person for any health and safety concerns, but the duty of care for the workplace’s health and safety remains with the employer – not with the ESR. An ESR has certain rights once elected, including inspecting a workplace. Employers also need to provide ESRs with training and support.

Want an ESR? Contact your CPSU Organiser to find out about the nomination and election process. Find out more about Employees’ Safety Representatives here

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