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Tasmania hurting under budget cut regime

RECENT signs show Tasmania’s economy is stinging after public sector job losses. ABS statistics released in April revealed retail spending was down yet again in the state with other recent ABS data showing Tasmania had the equal slowest population growth in Australia.

Now media is reporting the rental market is exploding with vacant properties that are increasingly difficult to fill, with the Real Estate Institute of Australia linking the struggling market to job cuts.

CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch said the last 12 months had been very difficult for the state, with 1500 jobs cut from the public sector. Mr Lynch has heard some workers were leaving the state after suffering at the hands of the government’s public sector cuts. Others were unable to pay their union membership fees.

“People who’ve lost their jobs or had reduced hours are having difficulty paying their bills, and many of these bills, such as power, are set to increase, with no sign of relief for Tasmanians.”

Mr Lynch said many of these people saw no choice but to leave Tasmania for work. “The Premier has pushed this economy over the edge,” he said. With retail trade down and the real estate industry struggling.”

Mr Lynch said the government clearly needed a new plan rather than their current slash and burn approach. He also said the TCCI’s recent statement that further cuts were needed was madness – “If you cut again and again it will further slow the economy.”

Today the Tasmanian Liberals released its Future Directions 3 – Delivering the Essential Business of Government.

While it pleasing the Liberals have developed a policy around the public service, we need to see more details. If the number of public service cuts is sufficient then what size do the Libs think the public service needs to be?

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