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Child Protection update

THE CPSU and HACSU met with DHHS Departmental Officials last week about concerns about the protection of young Tasmanians and support for their families

At the meeting Unions sought the following commitments:

• Provide us with details of the establishment levels for each region

• Fill all establishment vacancies ASAP

• Provide weekly updates on progress toward filling each vacancy

• Backfill staff on long term leave including LSL, maternity leave, long term sick leave and workers’ compensation

• Review case allocations of Team Leaders so they can provide adequate support to workers and assist with complex cases and short term staff absence

• Undertake a joint union/management review of case loads of all workers, reduce as necessary loads to sustainable levels and develop a caseload management tool to ensure loads don’t become excessive again

Both unions are seeking endorsement from Members about a course of action in the short, medium and long term, and if the department fails to deliver on these commitments we will recommend industrial action begins.

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