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CPSU Delegate inspirational in more ways than one

LYDIA Hantke is a changed woman. And it’s not just a physical change for this Biggest Loser contestant. Before the television show this woman from the Tasman Peninsula weighed 142 kilos and was resigned to the fact she would always be an overweight person, but this wasn’t the case, and after five gruelling and surreal months, Lydia not only achieved her goal weight of 80kg, but dropped to 78.8kg.

Lydia is a CPSU Delegate at Port Arthur Historic site, and she is adamant that everyone is treated fairly and respected at work.

“We’re lucky here that we have Members who are proactive about ensuring they’re employed under fair conditions. It also makes your job a lot easier because you don’t have to run around and say “guys, come on”.

After the Biggest Loser experience, Lydia’s bringing new energy to her position as a CPSU Delegate.

“I’m certainly a lot more proactive about my position as CPSU Delegate. I was always happy to be a Delegate but everything used to slide on by and if someone had an issue they’d just come to you. Now I’m a lot more proactive about making sure everybody is happy because not everyone will speak up and not everyone will come to you. I’m a lot more motivated to make sure people are treated fairly in the workplace.”

Read more about Lydia’s journey in our annual report, out later this year

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