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Disability Insurance Scheme set to change lives

A ‘MAJOR social reform’ is how ACTU President Ged Kearney described the introduction of a National Disability Insurance Scheme next year.

“Today’s commitment by the Federal Government to next year begin implementing a national, no-fault disability insurance scheme will not only provide financial support for hundreds of thousands of Australians, but it will enhance the caring workforce,” Ms Kearney said yesterday.

“A National Disability Insurance Scheme is a long overdue social reform that will be regarded by future generations as akin to Medicare. “There are hundreds of thousands of Australians who were either born with, or acquired, a physical or intellectual disability. “These include the victims of workplace accidents.”

Ms Kearney said a properly-funded disability sector would also create the environment to attract more carers into the disability support workforce.

“Proper funding will transform the system with greater pay, more jobs, better working conditions and career structures, and the resources to do the job properly.”

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