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EMRS State voting intentions out now

SUPPORT for both Liberal and Labor parties dropped since February this year, according to figures from the EMRS State Voting Intentions Poll May 2012 released yesterday.

Support for the Liberal Party was down 3% since February but compared to May 2011 support was up 1%. Labour Party support was down 4% since February, decreasing 2% in the last 12 months. Support for the Greens increased from 18% to 23% since February, and saw a 1% increase since May 2011. Of all respondents, 17% were undecided on who they would vote for.

The EMRS poll showed Will Hodgman had the highest support for preferred Premier with 43% of all respondents nominating him, a 1% decrease since the February poll. Support for Lara Giddings in the role was at 21% – a 3% drop since February. For Nick McKim, support for preferred Premier increased by 2% to 17% since the last poll. However 19% of the 1000 Tasmanian residents surveyed preferred none of the three potential premiers.

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