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Letters delivered to Legislative Council

LAST night legislation to stop politicians getting a 38.4% pay rise passed the House of Assembly unanimously, so now it’s up to the Legislative Councillors to decide whether or not they get an even fatter paypacket..

Yesterday the CPSU and HACSU delivered letters to Parliament House that were signed by over 2000 Tasmanians calling for the Legislative Council to support the Parliamentary Salaries, Superannuation and Allowances Bill 2012.

Letters to each Legislative Councillor asks them to support the bill that permanent decouples our politicians’ pay from their Federal counterparts and ensures Tasmanian politicians won’t receive a 38.4% increase from 1 July, adding almost $2.2 million to the annual salary bill, but will instead receive the same increases as the 20,000 public sector workers under the major awards.

Those paid from the public purse, including our politicians, need to show restraint at this difficult time when budget cuts to vital programs means many Tasmanians are left without access to basic services.

Last night when the legislation passed the Lower House Premier Lara Giddings said she hoped Independent Members in the Upper House would support the bill.

“My concern is that the alternate approach of referring this issue to the Industrial Commission would result in a larger pay rise for politicians,” Ms Giddings said. “This is a common-sense approach that will prevent an inappropriate windfall flowing to Tasmanian politicians from July 1 due to the changes in how allowances for Federal MPs are calculated.”

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