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Politicians’ Pay Campaign

UNIONS started gathering pledges from the general public today in their campaign to convince Legislative Councillors to support legislation that will decouple Tasmanian politicians from increases awarded to their Federal counterparts.

More than 2000 signatures have already been collected from union members and now the general public will have an opportunity to add their voices by completing pledge sheets at events or by emailing

Why is it important to get involved? If the legislation is rejected by the Legislative Council and scheduled increases are paid from 1 July the total cost of the increases will be $2,199,046 in the 2012/13 financial year or the equivalent of more than 25 fulltime public sector jobs.

Armed with clipboards, CPSU and HACSU Organisers started the push to garner public support for the campaign. They were hard to miss with two giant cheques detailing the $2,199,046 in savings for the Tasmanian people if politicians pay is successfully decoupled from Federal politicians.

CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch said it was a chance for the wider community to get involved and call on Legislative Councillors to support this legislation.

“At the end of the day this is a no-brainer – if politicians accept these increases when they are slashing public services their esteem in the community will fall even lower than it currently is,” Mr Lynch said.

If pays aren’t decoupled Premier Lara Giddings will get a $94,032 increase on her current salary of $244,812, and Legislative Council president Sue Smith will enjoy a $56,857 increase on her current salary of $148,026.

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