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Redeployment update

HERE’S an update on the redeployment processes some of our Members are going through.

** A number of Members have now been redeployed within their own or external agencies. While this is a good outcome, some Members aren’t thrilled with the ‘new roles/duties’ they’ve been assigned and are required to undertake as part of the redeployment process. It’s great that our Members have a position, however most have been pushed into making this decision as they simply can’t afford to take redundancies and job security is their main priority.

** A small number of employees have take redundancies, and some are still making their minds up.

** We’ve had quite a few phone calls from State Service Members requesting a Targeted Voluntary Redundancy Package. Most of these calls were from people who are at the stage in their life where they can retire. Agencies have not granted these requests as the positions occupied by the employees aren’t deemed surplus to requirements.

** Quite a few Members are waiting to be redeployed or found alternate duties. These Members are all still in the internal stages of the process and are either continuing on with their duties for now or have been found “meaningful work”.

*** Nobody has been referred to the State Service Commissioner for central redeployment at this stage.

The CPSU is supporting all Members going through these processes.

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