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Special needs children need support

THIS week your CPSU called on the State Government to reinstate funding to ensure children with special needs receive the support they require to get a proper education. This comes after a number of parents spoke up to say they’d been told they might need to volunteer their time to support their children after funding cuts to Teaching Assistants.

“It’s appalling that in 2012 the Tasmanian Government is relying on parents volunteering their time so their children can receive a basic education,” CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch said.

“Teaching Assistants provide high quality support to children with special needs and maximise their opportunity to learn. Reducing this support is short sighted and will result in poorer learning outcomes. The 2011/12 State Budget saw school resource packages frozen at their 2010 levels – this means schools can’t top up meagre funds from special-need registers to employ Teaching Assistants.”

“We will not stand by and watch parents being forced to volunteer as Teaching Assistants. We will begin dialogue with our members and cannot rule out industrial action if this appalling situation is not addressed,” Mr Lynch said

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