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State Budget: no good news for public sector

THE State Budget was released yesterday and there was no good news in it for the public sector, and the Premier certainly can’t sustain her argument that this budget protects front line services as all Agencies apart from Health face further cuts in 2012/13.

Despite claims education and police have been ‘quarantined’ from further cuts, education still needs to find a further $10.1M of savings next year and police a further $4M.

What this budget has shown is that 1400 FTE jobs will be gone from the public sector by the end of this financial year and a further 1000 are likely to be axed over the next 3 years.

These job losses have slowed the economy to the stage where even with the massive cuts to services Tasmania will lose its debt free status.

This budget lacks a plan to bolster our already flailing economy and cuts the capacity of the public sector to support key industries.


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