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Will Hodgman: Please explain

OPPOSITION Leader Will Hodgman must provide details about what he considers frontline jobs to be.

This comes after Mr Hodgman said he would get the budget back into black without cutting frontline public sector jobs, but in statements made to date it seems the Liberals limit the definition of ‘frontline’ to nurses, teachers and police officers but there are far more occupational groups that are clearly ‘frontline’.

“Public sector workers and the people they serve are very interested in hearing the Liberals alternate budget but will write it off at rhetoric if it fails to deliver real detail,” CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch said.

“If Mr Hodgman wants to be taken seriously on his pledge to protect frontline services then he needs to commit to protecting all frontline services not just a few. Tasmanians want to see a real alternate plan from the opposition not just unaccountable platitudes and part of that plan should be a genuine and detailed commitment to protecting all frontline services.”

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