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Forestry Tasmania UPDATE

REDUNDANCY: Forestry Tasmania has maintained that in the event a position is made redundant, it will pay a person under a Retired Benefits Superannuation Contributory Fund (employed before 1994?) up to 24 weeks wages less than a person in a non-contributory scheme. The rationale is that the Labor government at the time created this disparity because members could opt for an additional payment from RBF if their position was made redundant, but this additional payment is no longer available. We’re fighting to fix this inequity but Members should speak to non members about these concerns as It will directly impact on them should their position be made redundant. Everyone gets their say at the ballot box, so make sure you SPEAK UP. Non-members can also contact the union at

SALARY PACKAGING: If you’re employed on a salary package arrangement FT propose to remove salary classification levels from 17-22 from the agreement. You’ve always been covered by the provisions in the EBA, especially that the agreement covers your base salary starting point and Salary Packaging provisions. The removal of these classification levels could mean you’re not covered by the agreement and will become unprotected. We’ve rejected the FT proposal but the position remains unchanged. SPEAK UP and share this news link with ALL your colleagues – this proposal must not go ahead! Any concerned FT employees can contact the union at

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