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Meet CPSU Delegate Emil Kavic

EMIL Kavic is settling into his Delegate role well.

Emil is a firm believer in unions and he’s been a member of a couple, but he joined the CPSU eight years ago after starting with the Public Service.

As a Housing Tasmania Project Officer, Emil’s duties are quite diverse, ranging from project management to administration through to managing construction on building sites.

Emil became the CPSU representative after the previous Delegate left Housing Tasmania and “everyone else took a step backwards and I was standing there.”

Eighty per cent of his colleagues are either CPSU or HACSU members and they’re a pretty unified group, with both unions working together and helping each other.

Like many workplaces in the public service, Housing has seen plenty of change in the last 12 months.

“We had a structural review last year, flowing on from that there was a bit of change around the office, and some jobs were declared redundant and there was a lot of shuffling people around. People were offered voluntary redundancies, people who wanted to left; very few people were put on the redeployment list. Some people who were managers at the time had their titles changed, which is unfair because there’s been no reduction in duties or responsibilities, so we’re currently working through that, and that’s something I’m taking the lead in.”

Emil meets with the Director of Housing in his Delegate role, and says there’s a real information flow, and a meeting just over a week ago saw some great results.

“I asked who the fire wardens and first aid officers were, if we had an OH&S Rep, did we have a Workplace Health and Safety Committee. The next thing I know he’s calling for elections of an OH&S Rep.”

Emil attended his first Delegate training last week where he learnt a number of things he’ll take back to his union role.

“I didn’t have a concept of the importance of density in workplaces, and a few little things struck me as well. ‘You are the keeper of your award’ was a saying that I took away. This means if you don’t maintain your conditions and standards, you will lose them.”

Away from the workplace, Emil is a husband and father.

“I’m a former builder so I’m always dabbling with things, always tinkering in the shed.”

Emil enjoys kayaking and is building his own kayak, but his sport of choice is fencing and he ranks in Tasmania’s top 10. Although fencing isn’t a major sport in the state, it’s still competitive, with a competition coming up in Launceston.

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