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Purchased Leave Scheme

THE PUBLIC Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2012, including the Purchased Leave Scheme, was registered in the Industrial Commission yesterday, and agencies will need to put in processes to accept applications so the PLS can start by 1 July.

Public sector workers supported the agreement in March, accepting a government offer of 2% salary increases per annum for two years.

The agreement shows the restraint and the responsibility of public sector workers who accepted an offer that for many meant a real wage cut. In a further effort to protect jobs and services.

Members also agreed to support a purchased leave scheme which allows workers to reduce their overall income by taking an extra 10 days leave each year for the cost of 9 days pay. If take-up is high enough this optional scheme could go towards funding a 0.5% productivity increase. Your union will be in touch soon about how to apply for the PLS.

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