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MAST Organiser Heidi Nehrmann heads overseas

LAST week we farewelled valued MAST Organiser Heidi Nehrmann, who joined us after graduating from Arts Law, and is now going overseas before moving interstate..

“I’ve been fortunate to work in such a friendly and supportive group, and received plenty of assistance and advice when I first started, and I enjoyed the camaraderie we had as a team,” Heidi said.

“The workload is diverse, with no two issues the same, and although the job meant learning legislative frameworks and procedures it also allowed for flexibility and creativity to respond to unique situations. I was also lucky enough to get to know some fantastic Members.”

MAST Lead Organiser Kier Tyson said that although it was a steep learning curve Heidi successfully negotiated a myriad of outcomes and assisted hundreds of Members across the sector.

“Some of Heidi’s memorable outcomes include negotiating paid maternity leave; salary maintenance for a Member who was being shafted; $20k availability allowance and a settlement at her first time in the Tasmanian Industrial Commission for an MRDA,” Kier said.

Heidi was initially quiet compared to her MAST colleagues but her sense of humor and deep, eternal love for the band Hanson soon emerged.

We’ll miss her and the exceptional support she provided to Members. We’ll also miss sharing caramel slice with her, but we’re glad she’s taken her photos of the Hoff. We wish Heidi all the best in her adventures.

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