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Meet Delegate Sonia Millar

Sonia Millar tells us a little about herself, her job and life as a Delegate

What’s your current position and what does it involve?

I’m a Band 3 Library Technician at Burnie LINC, I’m rostered on the main desk during the day helping the public with general enquiries, membership, research and also helping people in the Online Access Centre. I also repair parts of our collection and manage the Non Fiction Stack collection. I am also part of the team that delivers “Rock & Rhyme it’s Storytime” to children aged birth to 4 years, which is held every Wednesday during the school terms.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the interaction with clients and being able to help people with their enquiries. It’s a very customer service orientated job and I get a great deal of satisfaction helping people, and at the same time learning new things myself. Being appreciated for helping someone also makes it worthwhile.

How did you become a Delegate?

I was asked by a previous workplace Delegate a few years ago if I was interested in helping her, so I thought “why not?” I had nothing to lose and I always enjoy a challenge.

What has this role involved so far?

I have attended several Union Delegate Training days and also a conference held in Hobart 2 years ago. I make sure that I am available to help all Members with any issues and direct them to the best point of contact to discuss their concerns. I try to make sure that all Members in my workplace know what is happening with any issues being covered by the CPSU and also what the union can help them with.

Are there other Delegates you work with?

There is another Delegate in my workplace and another who works in our catchment area. We have regular discussions regarding issues in our workplaces and find it good to be able to throw our ideas around and get different opinions on things.

What have the challenges been as a Delegate?

Possibly trying not to take on too much myself and asking other Members if they can help out if I feel I need help.

What do you find rewarding about this role?

The respect and trust from Members in the workplace when they ask my opinion and are very grateful for any help I give them.

What advice would you give new Delegates?

Learn as much as you can from other Delegates, don’t take it all on yourself and ask for help from your fellow Members

What do you enjoy outside work?

Spending time with my family. I also play Badminton once a week and enjoy bike riding (not motor bikes). I also follow the Mighty Bombers in the AFL and enjoy the V8 Supercar Races. Travelling is also high on the list of things I enjoy.

If you were to sit down and have dinner with two people who would they be and what would you eat?

I would love to have dinner with anyone who has faced major challenges in their lives and come out on top. Those people are a true inspiration to others who are struggling and show that life is really worth living and fighting for. A good steak, wine and pavlova would be a very enjoyable meal.

What’s your favourite spot in Tasmania and why?

Bay of Fires, it’s such a beautiful relaxing place and close to many other stunning places on the East Coast of Tasmania. The beaches and the sunset are stunning.

What’s some advice you were given that you live by?

My dear Mum always told me “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. That advice has stopped me from getting sucked in many times.

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