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National check your pay day

TODAY is National Check Your Pay Day – so don’t forget to check it! By today most Australian workers should’ve received their first pay for the new financial year.

From 1 July, about 1.4 million workers started receiving an extra 2.9% in their pay, helping them and their families keep pace with the rising cost of living, and for workers on the national minimum wage this increase means an extra $17.10 a week, bringing the minimum wage to $606.40 or $15.96 an hour.

With the minimum wage increase, all workplace agreements and contracts need to be checked to make sure rates of pay stay above the legal minimum amount.

This means many workers on workplace agreements or over-award contracts will be entitled to a rise, as the award rate is the minimum an employer can pay a worker.

You can call the Unions Australia helpline on 1300 4 UNION (1300 4 86466) to get expert advice on what you should be paid – and what to do if your pay is incorrect. Find out more here

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