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Southern Water’s “revised policy” unacceptable

YOUR CPSU recently received a revised Draft Alcohol and Other Drug Policy and Procedure from Southern Water. The only change that responds to concerns from employees is that some of the language was changed, now referring to the use of alcohol and other drugs to be a drug and alcohol misuse “issue” rather than “problem”.

Features of the revised policy and procedure are:

– Across the workforce Blood Alcohol Content remains at 0.00

– All previous testing regimes remain as per the original draft policy procedure

– The addition of self-test Blood Alcohol test units

– Termination of employment for refusal to be random tested

– The draconian breach process remains – 1st warning is a written warning; 2nd breach (if prepared to participate in EAP) is a written warning with requirement to attend rehabilitation; and 3rd breach, or where on the second breach an employee refuses to participate in EAP, or fails to participate to a satisfactory standard, the employee’s employment will be terminated.

Southern Water’s revised draft policy and procedure is unacceptable and your CPSU will meet with management in the near future to let them know this.

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