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Your new CPSU Council

THE recent CPSU elections mean we welcome some new and old faces to the council – our Board of Management. CPSU Acting General Secretary Mat Johnston said he was really excited about the new Council.

“The oversight role Councilors play is critical to the accountability and governance processes of any democratic, representative union.

”I’m proud we now have the largest Council we’ve seen during my time with the union and a mix of new, first-term representatives and our veterans with all their institutional wisdom.

”In terms of the quality of our Council, I think Members should be very proud of their rank-and-file representatives. I’m looking forward to continuing the struggle for our Members over the next two years, and I’m sure our entire Council and Executive team are.”

Your CPSU Council:

Branch President: Grant Ransley

Branch Vice Presidents: Rosmyn Faulks, Lindsay Jones

Branch Treasurer: Timothy Turner

Branch Secretary: Tom Lynch

Branch Assistant Secretary: Mathew Johnston

Councilors: Marc Nevah, Stephen Hutchinson, Donna Johnston, Allen Stennings, Pauline Blyth, Philippa Dean, Steve Arditto, Scott Ragg, Leah Woolford, Andrew Harris, Anne Mattay, Christine Mitchell, Thomas Courto, Jodie Elmer, Ken Hart

Executive: Steve Arditto, Anne Mattay, Christine Mitchell

Federal Council Delegates: Rosmyn Faulks, Mathew Johnston, Tom Lynch, Grant Ransley

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