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August EMRS State Voting Intentions Poll

SUPPORT for the State Labor party increased one percentage point since May to18%, according to the August EMRS State Voting Intentions Poll.

Since August 2011 support for Labor increased 2%.

Support for the Liberals remained steady from May to August in the latest poll at 38% but dropped 6% from August 2011.

The poll showed support for the Greens also remained unchanged at 17% in the last three months, which is a 3% increase from August 2011.

Support for an independent dropped 2 percentage points to 2% from May to August.

The number of undecided respondents remained steady at 25%. The poll showed support for Lara Giddings as preferred Premier increased 1% in three months to 22%, support for Will Hodgman increased 2% since May, with support for Nick McKim falling 2% to 17% in August. The August poll showed 17% preferred none of the potential Premiers, compared to 19% in May. Take a look at the report here

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