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CPSU campaigns against cuts

CUTS hurt.

That’s the essence of a new campaign the National CPSU is launching at its National Leaders Conference next week.

CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood said the Cuts Hurt campaign was about engaging with the public who depend on public services and ensuring every MP knows the depth of community concern about the issue.

“The federal public service performs many vital services for our community, from delivering payments to millions of families, protecting our borders and supporting our military to forecasting the weather,” Ms Flood said.

“Yet too often our public service is seen as a magic pudding that can be raided to fix budget shortfalls.

The fact is, cutting the public sector means cutting the services Australians rely on.

These are departments already cut to the bone. It means longer queues and fewer services for clients. It also means the loss of many skilled and experienced staff.

 If the Coalition is elected federally and implements its $50 billion program of cuts, the impact on ordinary Australians will be enormous.”

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