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How the CPSU helped Members recently

Recent examples of work done by our Member Advice & Support Team:

  • A Member hadn’t received a scheduled salary progression due in March because of an alleged performance issue, but no formal process had been followed when it came to performance. After working with Industrial Organiser Katrina, the Member will now receive their scheduled salary progression as well as back pay to March. This is a great result for this Member and a reminder to employers that they need to follow due process and procedures.


  • MAST helped a group of Members seeking industrial permanency through the Office of the State Service Commissioner. Contract extensions have been secured for all staff involved while future funding arrangements are finalised. One Member said: “I would like to sincerely thank you for the dedication and work you have put in for us, I genuinely felt that you were on our side”.

  •  MAST supported a Member over two years on their complex PSUWA translation case which reached the external Office of the State Service Commissioner stage. The Member said: “the mentoring I received from Celeste and Kier during this process is deeply appreciated. Without CPSU support I would have felt like a canary at a cat show. Thank you.”

  • A Member contacted the CPSU on behalf of a group of employees concerned that their travel/accommodation allowance entitlements were being denied. MAST provided a clear interpretation of the Award and helped draft correspondence to the Agency to resolve the misunderstanding. The Agency accepted the interpretation and withdrew their initial direction. Our Member was pleased with the result and the encouragement he received from the CPSU saying: “thank you for your continued advice and support, it is most appreciated.

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