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Service Tasmania update

POSTCARDS opposing Service Tas cuts keep rolling in from rural and urban areas. People have added comments on a range of problems that reducing shop hours would create. Some can’t access online services and others already find it hard to get to a local Service Tas shop within current opening hours.
Some recent comments:

  • “This is a reckless proposal to once again make life harder for normal working families.”
  • “This is a frontline service – not on!”
  • “I work 8.30 to 5pm every day. When do you intend me getting to a Service Tas?”
  • “This is not fair for the staff who work at Service Tas and their families.”
  • “Cutting hours is going to make it very hard on Flinders Island. We can’t drive to the next town!”
  • “Smithton services a wide rural community. We need the Service Tas shop to continue with the hours it now has.”
  • “St Helens community is an aging one. They rely on Service Tas shops not only to pay something but to have face to face contact, not everyone does things online.”

Do you have a postcard sitting at home or on your desk? Be sure to post it soon to make sure Tasmanians are heard on this important issue. The CPSU is continuing to help Members in Service Tasmania to ensure they maintain their permanent hours in the public sector.

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