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Bill debated today

The State Service Amendment Bill 2012 will be debated in Parliament today. The CPSU was contacted by Liberal leader Will Hodgman this morning to say the Liberals would seek to amend the Bill today to ensure regular, independent review of the performance of the government when exercising its employing powers.   If the amendments are accepted public sector workers can be confident of proper, external oversight.  Read the Liberals response below.

letter from Will Hodgman

The government claims that specifying in an Act that the Auditor General will undertake a review undermines the independence of the Auditor General. This has been shot down by the revelation that the TOTE Tasmania (Sale) Act 2009 did exactly that when it said ‘The Auditor General is to review all sales under Section 5′ so it seems clear the government’s current protestations are an excuse to avoid reasonable, external scrutiny of its employment practices. This is just another reason why the proposed Bill should be amended.

No response from ALP or Green politicians

THERE has been no response from any ALP or Green MHA to the letters delivered to them last Thursday asking for their support to amend or reject the State Service Amendment Bill 2012.  Apparently none of the politicians you elected consider it necessary to explain why they are supporting this Bill or can’t be bothered to take up the offer to further discuss our concerns.  They’ll be  falling over one another to talk to you before the next election but are a bit shy while they are supporting legislation that undermines your working conditions.

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