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CPSU Allied Health Professional update

UPDATE: Video Conference Meeting venues for Thursday

***The meeting at the North West Regional Hospital at 3pm Thursday at the Library Tutorial Room will be video conferences to:

**Latrobe Hospital Level 2 Studio

**Reece House Burnie Level 5 Video Conference Room

**Smithton District Hospital Video Conference Room

**Campbell Town District Hospital Video Conference Room

Scroll down and click on the links for other meeting times.

An additional meeting is on at 3pm, Wednesday November 21,  Henty House, Auditorium 


LAST week the CPSU and HACSU wrote to Premier Giddings expressing Members’ frustrations at the failure of her Government to put an offer to AHPs for their replacement Agreement.

Negotiations have been ongoing all year, yet still the employer has only agreed to a re-write of the Professional Development provisions of the old Agreement, has committed to a review of classification standards and has offered a 2% wage increase p.a. this December and next.  That’s it.  No consideration on any other item put forward for discussion and no trigger for the so-called “productivity increase” of 0.5% p.a.

Effectively AHPs are being denied any chance to gain the 0.5% wage increase that all other state servants do because the employer can’t find any way in which they can work more productively and efficiently!  The fact that a group of professionals employed by the government is disadvantaged in terms of wages because they have good attendance records, high productivity and achieve great client/patient outcomes despite shortages of staff clearly illustrates the ridiculousness of the government’s wages policy.

We have asked Premier Giddings to act now to address our concerns.

CPSU & HACSU Letter to Premier

You will see in the copy of the letter to the Premier included here that we have demanded an urgent resolution to the impasse.  We have also scheduled membership meetings statewide for the week commencing 19 November and flyers to distribute advertising those meetings are attached.  The meetings are authorised for paid time.

AHP Meeting Notice Oct 2012 – north northwest

AHP Meeting Notice Oct 2012 – south

It’s up to the government what the meetings are about – they’ll either be a discussion about accepting an offer from the employer which treats AHPs the same as everyone else in these difficult economic times or they’ll be a discussion on the development of a campaign of statewide industrial action.

Either way these will be important meetings so please make the time to attend the one most convenient to you.  If you can’t attend we suggest you seek a briefing from a fellow Member or Delegate who is attending from your workplace.

If or when we hear back from the Premier in response we will communicate further.

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