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Public servant pain at the hands of Libs

THE PUBLIC sector is stinging in several Liberal states this week.

Queensland: It was revealed department heads will receive a 15% bonus payment if they cut staffing levels so they have “more cost effective structures than set out in the approved staffing model”.

Also in the Sunshine State, Queensland’s Together union is legally challenging Campbell Newman’s government a second time against a directive on public service management. This directive would allow the Queensland Public Service Commission to unlawfully direct department heads to cut public service jobs.  The amendment to Newman’s original directive would also  limit the operation of employment security, contracting and organisational change provisions in public servants’ industrial instruments, and would also remove a section of the state’s Public Service Act that prevents the government from regulating to reduce the overall employment conditions of public servants.

Western Australia: The government announced it would freeze full-time public servant staffing levels and cap leave liabilities after mining royalties fell and the dollar remained high.  The  Western Australian government also haven’t ruled out voluntary redundancies.

Liberal Oppositions also  unwittingly showed their cards:

ACT:  As the Opposition leader was reassuring ACT public servants  at the CPSU  election forum that there were no plans to cut public services or jobs, his Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services, Vicki Dunne was at a different forum revealing plans to outsource ACT services and cut funding.

The Canberra Times reported Ms Dunne said: “My vision is that we should actually, as a Government, be a funder of services rather than necessarily a provider of services.”

South Australia: Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond said it was her party’s plan to cut the public sector by 25,000.

All these actions across Australia reveal the agenda of Liberal Governments and oppositions: stripping away public services until there’s barely anything left and swinging the axe to slash thousands of jobs, even if it undermines Public Service Acts.

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