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Service Provision Review Update

RECENTLY the CPSU met with representatives from Service Tasmania, DPIPWE and DPAC around a number of issues impacting on Members. The CPSU contacted these Members this morning, updating them on what was said in the meeting and giving them advice. If you are a Service Tasmania employee with concerns around the review, make sure you contact us.

The campaign to roll back cuts is going well, with postcards from the public coming in from around the state, expressing the hardship these cuts to shop hours would cause.

Here are some of the recent comments on postcards from Service Tasmania customers:

  • It is hard enough now to get into Service Tas and it will make it very difficult if hours are cut.
  • Reducing hours makes accessing services difficult for full time workers.
  • I pity the poor staff who have to endure justifiable complaints from the public.
  • Not only will lunch times be made impossible to do business, those who work for Service Tas will be under more stress – both workload and financial.

More postcards are being posted to Members who live near shops where cuts are planned. Soon, postcards will be delivered to the Premier so she understands the pain these cuts are causing, not only to staff but to the community at large.

If you have a postcard – make sure you send it soon to make sure your voice is heard.

If you would like more postcards please contact Rebecca Kingston on 62134 1708 or to arrange for more to be sent out to you.

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