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State Service Act fight goes to Leg Co

THE government  forced changes to the State Service Act through the House of Assembly yesterday without a guarantee of regular, external  reporting.
The Liberals moved a simple amendment that would’ve ensured the Auditor General reported to Parliament at least 2 yearly but this amendment was rejected by Labor and its Greens coalition partner.

The debate to watch as neither Labor nor the Greens could explain why they didn’t want the Bill to guarantee external oversight.  The Premier seemed to say that it was not possible for Parliament to require the Auditor General to report regularly despite Labor having done just that 3 years ago in the Tote Tasmania (Sale) Bill.  The Premier’s position was completely undermined when Nick McKim  told the House he had a personal commitment from the Auditor General to report annually but that if this did not occur the Greens would ‘give serious consideration to require those reviews to occur through legislation’.  Everyone watching was asking themselves is – Why not put the guarantee in the legislation now?

The Bill will now be considered by the Legislative Council and the Liberals have indicated they will again seek to amend the legislation in the upper House.  Unions will seek a chance to raise our concerns with Legislative Councilors and hope they’ll insert the safeguards that Labor and the Greens spent so much effort avoiding yesterday.

Gratuitous Advice From the Greens

THE most bizarre contribution to  yesterday’s debate came from the Greens leader and government Minister Nick McKim who warned union leaders against conducting what he described as  a ‘campaign for the Liberal Party’.  Apparently when we ask all MHAs to amend unfair legislation and the only ones who offer to take action to protect our Members are Liberals, we should reject their offer because of our alleged political allegiances.   The message for all politicians is that the CPSU will work with any political party that acts in the best interests of CPSU Members and we expect our Members will judge politicians on what they do, not what they say.

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