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State Service Amendment Bill 2012 Fact sheet

GET the real facts about the State Service Amendment Bill 2012.

The CPSU and other public sector unions are extremely concerned about how the Bill doesn’t appoint an independent person to do a regular review of of agency performance in HR management, service delivery and the conduct of the employer functions; and then report to parliament.

It was one of the measures recommended in a government commissioned report but it was still endorsed by Cabinet on Monday and tabled in parliament on Wednesday. It’s likely parliament will debate the legislation next week.

In the Examiner newspaper today the Premier admitted the legislation wouldn’t give a requirement for a regular, external review saying:  “A strong level of oversight has been built into the proposed bill and it is fully anticipated the Auditor General will choose to undertake regular reviews of the public service, as recommended in the O’Farrell report.”

Get the facts: State Service Amendment Bill 2012 – Real Fact Sheet

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