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Survey uncovering important WHS issues

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) survey sent last week is generating some rich responses.

Here’s what some Members had to say about WHS in their workplaces:

  • The issue of repetitive injuries from long hours at a computer and the problems with sitting for long hours need a lot more serious attention from PS employers.
  • Although the Department has OH&S procedures in place, I feel that they make it very difficult at times for genuine people who put in a claim.
  • Legislatively my employer is very concerned about WH&S but at the coal face it is like pulling teeth.
  • I am horrified at the lack of workplace standards in my current workplace…
  • Policies are pointless unless they are upheld, monitored, accountable and enforced.
  • Emotional wellbeing is not considered as a WHS issue.
  • Employer is very geared to solving specific issues as they arise but no consideration of how workload, work practices and other issues are likely to impact on stress.
  • In my case with WHS it depends on whether your employer has the funds to get the WHS issues fixed.

Make sure you fill in the survey in so we can more fully understand WHS issues in your workplace.

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J Southwell - October 18th, 2012, 9:33PM

My employer, DPIPWE, has really tried hard to develop and implement sound OH&S policies, including health and wellbeing. They also do their best to ensure staff awareness and to encourage compliance.

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