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Teacher Assistants update

THE survey sent to TAs has shown a number of issues with the new Federal requirement that by the start of 2014 all Kinder TAs would need to have or be working towards Certificate III, Children’s Services (Child Care) or Education Support III.

These results indicated the change would have profound repercussions for TAs.

The survey showed that quite a few TAs don’t have this qualification.

The vast majority of respondents said they wouldn’t be willing to pay to do this qualification, with some commenting they could not afford to do so.

The majority of respondents were General Kinder TAs or worked with a high needs pupil only, in Kinder.

Comments from the survey included: 

  •  I have completed many courses
  •    I have Certificate IV – that should be enough.
  •   I don’t have time to study.
  • I can’t afford it.
  • I have 25 years’ experience and Certificate IV – that should be enough
  • I don’t need a piece of paper to do my job.

The CPSU will work with relevant Members around this important issue. The next step is to have a discussion with the Department of Education.


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