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Unions Tas: White Ribbon Day event

UNIONS Tasmania held a White Ribbon Day morning tea today.

Held at Southern Water, Goodwood, the event was all about saying no to violence against women.

During the morning the men took the White Ribbon Day oath, saying:


“I swear
never to commit, excuse
or remain silent about
violence against women
this is my oath”


Why is this day important?

Australian women’s experience of violence in the last 12 months (Source: Personal Safety Survey):

  •  Over one in 20 women (6%, or close to half a million women) were the victims of violence;
  •  One in 20 women (5%) experienced physical violence (including physical assault, attempted assault, or the threat of assault).
  • Close to two per cent experienced sexual violence (including sexual assault, attempted assault, or the threat of assault);
  • Of all women in Australia, over 70,000 women (about 1%) experienced violence by a male current or former partner in the past year (ABS 2006).

White Ribbon Day is on Sunday November 25.

To find out how you can add your voice go to

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